2015 Qing Mu Three Flower Herbal Tea Roadshow Marketing Events

Project Period |  2015.4.11 - 2015.5.17 (Wuhan)

Project Effect |  In the target marketing Hubei where herbal tea is of great popularity, Qing Mu should take more differentiated measures to fight against such strong competitors as Wong lo Kat and JDB。 On Apr。 11st, targeting the young office staff and students at the age of 18 to 30, INNO-VISION initiated a serious of experiential events for Qing Mu new products, including roadshow, product display and customers interaction。 The event spot of 100㎡ to 200㎡ holds multi-functional zones for brand showcase, free drinking and games interaction, such as playing bowling to kick off the health barriers。 For 48 days’ promotion, Inno-vision has helped clients to carry out 10 events successfully, turning a new chapter of herbal marketing experiential。
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